Ayesha Ahmad: A Narrative Future for Healthcare Conference

Abstract Deadline: Sat., Jan. 5
Event Date: Wed., June 19 – Fri., June 21
Location: King’s College Guy’s Hospital Campus, London, England

Event Description

Students are invited to submit a research paper and attend the launch of the International Network for Narrative Medicine conference, which seeks to explore the intersection of nursing, social work, medicine, and the psychotherapies, along with the more creative and artistic practices that narrative medicine emerged from.

Call for Papers

Paper abstracts will be included in break-out sessions. Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman typeface, font size 12, be no than 400 words, and be submitted to julia.howse@kcl.ac.uk with a title and topic listing.

Suggested topics are listed below (though other topics will be accepted):

  • Fortifying clinical practice with narrative methods
  • Illness narratives in practice, life writing, health, and social care
  • Social justice, health, and narrativity
  • Teaching close reading and creative writing in health care schools
  • Narrative medicine responses to trauma
  • Visual representations of illness and care
  • The limits of representing illness
  • Health policy implications of the narrative jolt in health
  • Narrative ethics
  • The neuroscience of narrative acts


  • The Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University
  • Center for the Humanities and Health at King’s College London

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