BMJ Covid 19 free access research archive

By John McMillan

The BMJ has produced an archive that collects all the Covid 19 research that has appeared in BMJ journals. All Covid 19 research is being published as freely available and that includes papers published in the JME. We are expediting the review and production of Covid 19 papers. Several significant papers are about to appear and the following have been published online first.

ICU triage in an impending crisis: uncertainty, pre-emption and preparation

Whose life to save? Scarce resources allocation in the COVID-19 outbreak

Allocation of scarce resources during the COVID-19 pandemic: a Jewish ethical perspective

The BMJ has also collated all Covid 19 blogs from the BMJ journals. The JME blog features prominently in that collection and I’m grateful to those who have written such thoughtful and timely pieces. Mike King and Hazem Zohny have been busy editing JME blog posts and if you’re interested in writing for the blog please contact either of them or myself.

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