So THAT’s where I’ve been going wrong…

Blogging here has been a little sparse for the last few months; I’d like to be able to blame it all on the pressures of work, but this post suggests that it might be otherwise: some combination of not getting up at the crack of dawn, and not smoking, seems to be a factor:

Apparently, Kant had formulated the maxim for himself that he would smoke only one pipe, but it is reported that the bowls of his pipes increased considerably in size as the years went on.

Nietzsche was fond of tea and long walks, which is just another reason to like him.  I’m going to try using that as a reason not to go to meetings: “Sorry: optimal REF performance demands that I go to the edge of a glacier”.  Bound to work, that.

(Via @PsychEthics and @SynFutures on twitter – with some potential irony, given the damage that the internet has done to productivity…)

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