New JME, New Threads

The editor’s choice paper in the latest JME is Sheather and Shah’s “Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Humanitarian Practice: Cases for reflection from Medecins Sans Frontières”.  Because it’s the editors’ choice, you should be able to access it for free.

The paper outlines four moral dilemmas, each presented with an ethicist’s response.

Over the next day or so, I’m going to open four new threads – one for each dilemma, staggered slightly – so that readers can engage in the discussion themselves.  Is the ethical analysis in the paper correct?  Does it address the real problem?  Is there a problem at all?

The first thread’ll appear in a few minutes.  Comments will be moderated, so people commenting for the first time may find that their thoughts don’t appear immediately.  I’ll try to approve stuff pretty quickly; and once you’re whitelisted, you should be able to comment without further moderation from me.

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