It is official – Ethicists will still be here in 20 years time

The UK government sponsored science web-site for young people Science: [So what? So everything] has paid some futurologists to come up with 20 new jobs that will exist in 20 years time. Among the nano-medics and avatar managers you can also find the ‘New science’ ethicist’ described in the following way:

“‘New science’ ethicist As scientific advances speed up in areas like cloning, we may need a new breed of ethicist who understands the science and helps society make choices about what developments to allow. It won’t be a question of can we, but should we?”

It is heartening to realise that we or at least our successors will still be here in 20 years time, apart from the slightly pejorative implication that the current breed of ethicists do not understand the science and/or do not help society make choices.

So, come on our Masters programmes and be ready for the future!

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