Conference report: Conscientious Objection Workshop

By David Hunter

On the 23rd of October I attended a workshop at Keele University (where I am based) focused on the topic of Conscientious Objection. This is a topic which I have some interest in (in 2001 I wrote a short dissertation on the topic within the context of euthanasia) however this workshop interestingly picked up on the topic from within three distinct arenas.

It first focused on Conscientious objection within warfare and in particular the historical tradition of conscientious within the UK. It then moved to the medical context and objection within and as part of professional practice. Finally the role of religion as a basis for objection was explored. While I knew a fair bit about conscientious objection within the context of euthanasia, I hadn’t really thought about its application in other situations and the format of this workshop really encouraged the cross-fertilisation of idea.¬† Thanks to my colleagues at Keele for organising it, and the Wellcome Trust for funding it.

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