“Ethics” and PEA Soup to Link

Reproduced from the PEA Soup blog:

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between PEA Soup and the distinguished journal, Ethics.  In addition to our regular postings, PEA Soup’s editors will select one article from each issue of Ethics to be the focus of a featured discussion on our blog.  Ethics, in turn, will make an on-line copy of the featured article available to our readers for free (for three months).  At the time of the article’s publication, we will post a link to the open-access copy, and then a week later an open discussion of it will be introduced with a critical précis by an invited discussant.

We expect that this partnership will give rise to a series of lively and productive conversations.  Stay tuned for details on the first featured article, which will be selected from the next issue of Ethics (Volume 120, Number 1).

Special thanks to everyone at Ethics, especially its Editor, Henry S. Richardson, and Managing Editor, Catherine Galko Campbell, for their help and participation.

Nice idea!

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