A Request… and a Warning

Image courtesy of Bela Lugosi’s Dad

We get spammed.  Of course we do.  It’d be lovely if we didn’t, though… so please stop it.

A particularly egregious example from a source I’d’ve expected to know better arrived yesterday – I’ve decided to let it through for the sake of setting an example.

Most spam, of course, gets filtered out; and, if anything gets through the filter, David, Søren and I catch and delete it ourselves.  I’m going to change my policy a little, though: from now on, I’m going to consider myself at liberty to approve certain spam messages, but with the warning that I’ll change all the links to make the sender look silly – usually by directing readers here.  I’ve started already with the comment I just mentioned.

If you happen to be a spammer, you know who you are; but, thanks to an IP locator, so do I.

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