The Telegraph has Got me Worried – or Given me an Investment Idea

A short time ago, I mentioned George Pitcher’s extraordinarily lame showing on the Today programme, when he was invited to talk about assisted suicide.  I included a link to his blog – and, I admit it, this was partly intended so that he’d get an “incoming link” notification and either make a comment here, or refer to my post there.

As far as I can tell, he’s done neither.  However, he has excelled himself when it comes to euthanasia paranoia.  He posted on the subject on the day of the Radio 4 interview, and you can read the full thing here if you really want.  I’m going to pick on a short extract:

And another thing: We have a growing elderly population, living longer, and palliative care is very expensive. It couldn’t be that the Government sees the ballooning NHS budget and realises that one way to save a bit would be for our senior citizens to be encouraged to top themselves?

Nothing would surprise me anymore.

Ahhh… wild speculation and scaremongering dressed as argument.  Rewarding stuff.

Of course, I’d like to think that things couldn’t get stupider… but, it seems, they can.  One should never underoverestimate the contributors to Telegraph blogs.  “BritishPatriot” has to have his poorly-spelled say on the subject:

In 1970 when Aborion was legalised they said it would only be used in extreme circumstances, we now have abortion clinics, err, sorry pregnancy advice centres in every town where potential mothers are lulled into aborting what they are told are ‘just cells’
7.2 Million British Babies later, we face a Demographics Timebomb.
Now they want to sterilise our Schoolgirls.
This Euthenasia drive they are trying ti get us to agree to is so they can asset strip the British Elderly then do away with them in their Privatised ‘clinic’
The EU doesn’t want you, they know you will not vote for the EU so they are getting rid of you every way they can.
WAKE UP !!!!

If I don’t contribute to this blog for a while, it’ll be for one of two reasons.  Either Gordon Brown and the entire staff of the European Commission will personally have come round to my house to euthanise me (coldly ignoring my cries of “No!  Really!  I’m all in favour of the EU and would sign up to Schengen and the Euro lickety-split!”), or I’ll have bought shares in Bacofoil and have moved to a private island in the Carribean.

Because there seems to be a growing market in tinfoil hats that needs to be exploited.


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