Naked Scientists Performing Autopsies!

The headline get your attention?

There’s recently been an appeal put out that more people should donate their organs – brains in particular – to science.  In a similar sort of vein, it’s apparently National Pathology Week (I’ve booked my autopsy for Thursday morning: it’ll be ACE!), and there’s a series of podcasts to go with it.  Follow this link to find out more…

EDIT: The address in the URL says that it’s 2008.  Don’t worry: the site is for 2009.

EDIT (2): OK – I think I get it now.  National Pathology week was in November.  The podcasts are new now, though.  I’m so terribly, terribly confused.  *sigh*

EDIT (3): More nice links in the replies.

(There’s a few things I want to mention here today, but I’m also quite busy, so I fear that all my entries will be tiny little gobbets like this.  Ho hum.)

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