Well, hello there…

Having taken on board the idea that the fashionable people are always late to parties, I made it my mission to be the last person to post an entry here.

Søren’s instructions for blogging on this site were minimal: David and I can write what we see fit, as long as it’s not libellous.  I have no doubt that we’ll be exploiting that liberty fully.  However, one thing that occurs to me is that we’d probably benefit from being tipped off by readers about things that you think interesting.  For example, I’ll be keeping an eye on the news and a couple of other blogs and things like that, but I’m not omniscient (although I have the arrogance of someone who thinks he is – for which I apologise in advance); the chances are that I’ll miss stuff.  Thus, as soon as I figure out how, I’ll be making my email address available.  If you’ve anything that you think the blog ought to cover or mention, then do let me know.

Without further ado, I’m off to press some buttons.  I’ll have learned how this thing works by about April 2013, if all goes well.

*shuffles off mumbling about technology*

*breaks internet*


EDIT: Contact details now added.  This interweb thingy’s not so hard after all, is it?

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