My day job is as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at University Hospitals Dorset, in Poole on the south coast of England. I also work part-time as a Physiotherapist for the Football Association with their elite Para football (disability football) squads. In addition, I have voluntary roles within Para Sports federations- I am the Medical and Sports Science Director at the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football, a member of the Medical Committee for the International Blind Sports Association Medical Unit co-lead for Para Football.




What is your main area of research / clinical expertise?

My PhD was on the topic of concussion in sport and eHealth, and since then, my research has diverged into both of those general areas. In addition, through my clinical role in disability sport, I have also branched into Para sport-related research.


What is your motivation to be a member of the BOSEM team?

I was keen to be part of a progressive and open-minded editorial group, which are keen to promote high-quality science focusing on facilitating research from lower/middle-income countries.


What is a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I will always be really proud of working at two Paralympic Games (Beijing 2008 and Rio de Janeiro 2016). I am also delighted that the temporary concussion substitution policy in Cerebral Palsy football that I helped lead on was the first of its kind to be rolled out by any international football federation in 2019.


Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work?

I was really lucky to have two exceptional PhD supervisors when I was at the University of Otago in Professor John Sullivan and Professor Tony Schneiders. Both of them were instrumental in instilling certain research skills in me, but most importantly, they are both very, very good people who reinforced to me the value of treating people you work with well.


What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

Some people might find this a bit sad, but I’m really getting into gardening. We moved from a flat to a house last year, and since spring came, I’ve really got stuck into the greenhouse. My tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, and aubergines are all coming along nicely.

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