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How are you managing hip fracture patients on DOACs?

In an attempt to end the dilemma surrounding the management of hip fracture patients on direct oral anticoagulants, Sheweidin Aziz, Krishan Almeida, and Grahame Taylor share the highlights of their recent publication. Blog entry written on: How should we manage hip fracture patients on direct oral anticoagulants? (bmjebm-2019-111317) Authors: Sheweidin Aziz, Krishnan Almeida, and Grahame […]

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BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Strategy

  BMJ EBM publishes original evidence-based research, insights and opinions on what matters for health care. Carl Heneghan, Editor in Chief, BMJ EBM The BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine strategy focuses on the tools, methods, and concepts that are basic and central to practising evidence-based medicine.     How we deliver relevant, trustworthy and impactful evidence: By Disseminating relevant research: saving […]

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