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BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine Strategy


BMJ EBM publishes original evidence-based research, insights and opinions on what matters for health care.

Carl Heneghan, Editor in Chief, BMJ EBM

The BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine strategy focuses on the tools, methods, and concepts that are basic and central to practising evidence-based medicine.



How we deliver relevant, trustworthy and impactful evidence:
  • By Disseminating relevant research: saving you time and improving your practice.

BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine systematically searches international medical journals and applies strict criteria to identify relevant research. Content is critically appraised, leading to a succinct commentary focusing on the paper’s key findings and implications for clinical practice.


  • By Providing debate, analysis, and opinion on trusted evidence that matters for better healthcare:

BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine debates the uncertainties and controversies in evidence and the research methods that educate and inform practice.


  • by Publishing original research that affects practice:

BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine publishes the latest research that enhances the practice and understanding of evidence-based healthcare.


Publish In BMJ EBM

For guidelines on submission and editorial policies for BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine please refer to the BMJ Author Hub. Here you will find information on planning your research through to submitting and promoting your research.

If you are considering submitting a paper then please review the specifications for each article type and the required article lengths, illustrations and table limits, and reference counts. The word count excludes the title page, abstract, tables, acknowledgements and contributions, and references unless stated otherwise. Manuscripts should be as succinct as possible.


I. Debate, analysis and opinion:


EBM opinion and debate

Research methods and reporting

EBM Learning

EBM Analysis

EBM Implementation

II. Original research:

Evidence synthesis

Original EBM research


III. Clinical spotlight:


Journal club


BMJ EBM Spotlight Blog: We run a dedicated blog site that provides debate, analysis, and opinion on trusted evidence that matters for better healthcare. Our blogs take a critical approach to interpreting evidence that is directly related to patient care decisions and actions.

Blogs are written by our editors, by invite and on occasion submitted to us. All are overseen by our blog editor team. As editors, we believe in being critical, thoughtful and analytical in our approach to producing content.

BMJ EBM Spotlight is a free resource, free to read and free to share under Creative Commons licensing.

We have twelve simple principles for creating great content. All our content keeps it simple, keeps it short and is written clearly.

Our team of writers cite the relevant evidence, including the most recent high-quality evidence, and discuss what difference the results of this evidence, if any, might make to patient care. Writing a blog for BMJ EBM Opinion & Debate

We look forward to working with you

Professor Carl Heneghan, Editor in Chief BMJ EBM

Professor of EBM, University of Oxford, Director of CEBM

Competing interests

Carl has received expenses and fees for his media work including BBC Inside Health. He holds grant funding from the NIHR, the NIHR School of Primary Care Research, The Wellcome Trust and the WHO. He has also received income from the publication of a series of toolkit books published by Blackwells. CEBM jointly runs the EvidenceLive Conference with the BMJ and the Overdiagnosis Conference with some international partners which are based on a  non-profit making model.



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