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The Dangers of Selective Analysis: Has stroke treatment been misguided for a decade?

  Alteplase is widely recommended for treatment of stroke occurring within 3-4.5 hours. Brian Alper discusses their recent publication that reanalysed the Third European Cooperative Acute Stroke Study (ECASS III) trial through adjustment for baseline imbalances. Blog entry written on: Thrombolysis with alteplase 3–4.5 hours after acute ischaemic stroke: trial reanalysis adjusted for baseline imbalances (bmjebm-2020-111386) […]

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How are you managing hip fracture patients on DOACs?

In an attempt to end the dilemma surrounding the management of hip fracture patients on direct oral anticoagulants, Sheweidin Aziz, Krishan Almeida, and Grahame Taylor share the highlights of their recent publication. Blog entry written on: How should we manage hip fracture patients on direct oral anticoagulants? (bmjebm-2019-111317) Authors: Sheweidin Aziz, Krishnan Almeida, and Grahame […]

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