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Why I am confused about lung cancer screening

  Should findings from a single trial inform decision making about lung cancer screening? Carl Heneghan, Editor in Chief   A recent cost-effective analysis of low-dose computed tomography for lung cancer screening targeted in those at highest risk of lung cancer suggests only modest benefits. The conclusion is based on a cost-effectiveness analysis of risk-targeted screening […]

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Why do rates of knee arthroscopy differ?

  A recent trial of keyhole knee surgery for partial meniscectomy showed surgical intervention was ineffective. Surgery rates have varied markedly over time and across the UK, suggesting there is a lot of overtreatment.  Carl Heneghan Published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases the randomised trial reported arthroscopic partial meniscectomy was no more effective than […]

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Controversies in PSA screening

  40 years after its discovery, a re-analysis of the two largest trials to date, controversially suggests PSA screening may actually be beneficial. Jack O’Sullivan Most healthcare organisations do not recommend PSA screening for prostate cancer (USPSTF, Public Health England), mainly in response to conflicting evidence about the benefits and clear evidence of harms.  PSA […]

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