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Undertreatment of mitral regurgitation

  “All evidence, especially our lifelong population-based data, point towards a substantial unmet need for treatment of mitral regurgitation.”  Jack O’Sullivan Despite being the most common heart valvular disease, it is unclear how often patients with mitral regurgitation are treated. This is concerning because early treatment is beneficial [1]. A recent study, published in the […]

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Do I need the drugs, doc? Heart failure drugs with preserved ejection fraction.

Evidence suggests heart failure patients with preserved ejection fraction could benefit from beta-blocker treatment, guidelines do not. Jack O’Sullivan   There is a well-established list of medications that work in heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction. However, it is unclear if these drugs are clinically effective in patients with heart failure with a preserved […]

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Controversies in PSA screening

  40 years after its discovery, a re-analysis of the two largest trials to date, controversially suggests PSA screening may actually be beneficial. Jack O’Sullivan Most healthcare organisations do not recommend PSA screening for prostate cancer (USPSTF, Public Health England), mainly in response to conflicting evidence about the benefits and clear evidence of harms.  PSA […]

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