The BMJ Today: Statins in pregnancy, sexual health in Pakistan, and mammography screening

georg_rogglaStatins in pregnancy

Bateman and co-workers report a well designed epidemiological study on statins in early pregnancy. Their analysis did not find a significant teratogenic effect from maternal use of statins in the first trimester. In a related editorial, Françoise Haramburu and co-workers state that the new safety data are reassuring, but suspension of treatment is still advisable.

Sexual health in Pakistan

Syed H Abidi and co-workers say that liberalising influences in Pakistan over the past 20 years have led to a media policy that may have helped improve reproductive and sexual health. Find out more in their feature: “How Pakistan’s media spreads the message about reproductive and sexual health.”

Mammography screening

In a rapid response to Alexandra Barratt’s overview on overdiagnosis in mammography screening, Manuel Zorzi and Marco Zappa fear that quantifying overdiagnosis in clinical senology is probably impossible.

The GRADE approach

Alfonso Iorio and co-workers have published a research methods and reporting paper providing guidance for the use of the GRADE approach to determine confidence in estimates of future events in systematic reviews of prognostic studies in broad categories of patients.

Georg Röggla is an associate editor, BMJ.