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• Does early discharge increase the risk of complications and death? A cohort study from Sweden in patients over 50 with hip fracture found an increased risk of death in patients who stayed in hospital for 10 days or fewer.

Expanding coverage of health insurance in Massachusetts increased access to knee and hip replacement and reduced disparities related to race and ethnicity but not income.


• NHS England figures show that nearly a fifth of patients with cancer do not start treatment within 62 days of being urgently referred.

• The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that duodenoscopes can be an infection risk despite meticulous cleaning owing to their complex structure.smoker_close

Controversial plans by the Devon clinical commissioning group to limit surgery for smokers and morbidly obese patients had the unpredictable but financially helpful effect of reducing referrals.


• New subgroup analyses from old trials take us one step closer to results that matter to individuals—Rafael Perera and Richard J Stevens discuss a recent post hoc analysis of The Diabetes Prevention Program.



Our latest anatomy quiz asks you to identify structures of the lower neck on axial contrast enhanced computed tomography.

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