Mark Lewis: A wounded survivor

Thank you for all the replies to my last blog – I’ve had a lot of very kind feedback and sympathy from readers.  A lot of people still want to know what I have chosen to do and what plans I have made for the next year.  I began by  contacting someone regarding a potential PhD project and was investigating that option, when one of the other specialty posts I applied for in January contacted me… I previously had received an email from the deanery stating that I had scored 14 on my short-listing application for and that a score of 14.5 was necessary to be invited to interview (would one more audit have tipped the scales??).  Interestingly one of the other SHOs at my hospital had applied to the same job and scored 9, so I didn’t feel too cheated! 

I digress … the e-mail stated that a number of applicants had withdrawn and they were now interviewing all candidiates with a score of 14 – woo hoo. I even had more than two weeks notice for the interview.

After that it was all plain sailing … a few more people didn’t turn up to the interview (I can’t understand that!!) and I had my lucky pants on (never failed yet!).

So I become a wounded survivor of the application game  this year.  130 mile relocation, but with run-through training.  At least I have 3 months notice of where I am working – in the last 3 years I have never had any idea until mid-July and then had to move with very little notice.