Liselotte Højggard: A room with a view..a journal with a conscience

Congratulations with the first BMJ on recycled paper. Being an old editor myself it is nice to see that the usual high quality of illustrations is unchanged in spite of the recycled paper, So no downsizing of quality and a better output for the global climate. Great.

EMRC, The European Medical Research Councils, had its annual meeting in London last week at The Royal College of Physicans.

The College was founded in 1518 “for the better  practice of medicine.” It is food for thought that this is still the most important for medical research and in line with the BMJ’s “Making a Difference” initiative.

The journal with a conscience was among the first and strongest to introduce and advocate the value of evidence based medicine.

But the big challenge is still to reduce the knowing-doing gap and implement evidence based medicine in general health care, everywhere, all the time and for all patients. Next year EMRC proceed in the next year with Forward look, a comprehensive foresight report on how to advance on this.

Liselotte Højggard, MD DMSc
Professor, University of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet
Chair EMRC, at ESF