Lancet 26 May 2006

We all very much want to believe that aspirin can prevent pre-eclampsia, but since the first positive trial arguments have bounced back and forth. Now the PARIS group has analysed the individual patient data from 31 trials and there is clear evidence that aspirin in pregnancy not only reduces PET but also pre-term birth and total adverse birth outcomes, by about 10%.

A seminar on repetitive strain injury is marred by many vague definitions and over-comprehensive treatment lists in the text. This could be a fertile area for primary care research. For example, “no trials about carpal tunnel syndrome have included exclusively a working population or included sick leave as an outcome.” To me, the most useful thing is the list on Table 1 (from Sluiter), the only place where there are clear definitions of the common conditions and also Radial tunnel syndrome and Guyon’s canal syndrome, which I shall now perhaps recognise for the first time. It seems that I have been paying insufficient attention to the Scand J Work Environ Health, where Sluiter et al first published this list.