Arch Intern Med 26 Feb 2007 Vol 167

Another reason not to smoke: if you live in an infected population, it increases your risk of tuberculosis, according to this systematic review. Though it does not seem to increase your risk of death once you have TB.

Garlic does not lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol even if you eat a raw clove every day, according to this study which compared the raw product, a powdered garlic supplement, aged garlic extract, and a placebo devised to smell of garlic. They all had exactly the same effect, i.e. none.

This study looked at patients admitted to a US hospital with influenza-like illnesses over 4 winters. Or rather, that’s what the headline and the abstract say: but what the small print says is that “hospital infection control policy mandated influenza testing…for all patients with acute cardiopulmonary symptoms