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R N Karuga: “Building a resilient and responsive health system needs strong community support”

27 Jan, 17 | by BMJ

“Forget about these people in the national office,” said Maria (not her real name). “They are not in touch with reality!” Maria is a district health manager in Kenya. This was her response when I asked how closely she works with the national Ministry of Health in delivering community health services.

In 2013, the governance system in Kenya changed from a centralized system to one in which decision making and the delivery of services such as healthcare was transferred to county governments. The national Ministry of Health however retains responsibility for policy formulation, development of standards and guidelines, and technical support to the counties. more…

Aderemi Oyedeji and Anja Choon: Stigmatization of mental health problems in Nigeria

2 Sep, 16 | by BMJ

The BMJ Global Health blog

Mental health is neglected and stigmatized globally and across societies, in spite of its high burden. Moreover, in Nigeria, mental health is not just neglected but remains completely absent from key health sector documents. There is a glimmer of hope though, in the form of a revised mental health policy from 2013, which mentions that mental health and wellbeing is an “inalienable right of every Nigerian” and talks about the government’s general plans to tackle stigmatization of mental health. more…

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BMJ Global Health latest news