Instructions for Blog Authors

BMJ Global Health Blogs is a forum to discuss, debate , and share  ideas regarding global health. The BMJ Global Health Blogs intends to reach global health professionals. This goes beyond clinicians and researchers and includes front line healthcare workers, policy stakeholders and the public .

We welcome submissions for consideration. Your article should be clear, compelling, and appeal to our international readership of global health professionals. The best pieces make a single topical point. They are well argued with current or new insights.  

We require potential authors to pitch blog ideas in 3-5 sentences specifically mentioning the idea for the blog before making a submission. Once a pitch is approved full articles might be send. The submission is reviewed by our Associate Editor and if required, by other reviewer(s) or editor(s) with the recommendation to accept, reject or modify the submission. 

  • We strongly discourage articles shorter than 300 words and longer than 800 words .
  • The writing style of blogs and opinion pieces is different from the journal or academic style of writing. We bear this in mind when considering whether to accept an article and as such overtly technical or dry language is not encouraged.
  • It is best to include the references as hyperlinks in the text. But where a URL cannot be provided then a traditional reference is fine.
  • We have to be careful not to libel anyone. Potentially contentious articles are checked by our lawyers.
  • At BMJ Global Health Blogs we do not take articles which describe patients.
  • Please read our policy on competing interests and add the appropriate statement from this document to your manuscript. For more information see
  • We also need a short biography of the author to put online with the article so that readers know who you are. It only needs to be a sentence or two long.Please send a high quality photo of yourself to go online with the article (optional).
  • Please note that all articles in BMJ Global Health Blogs is published under a CC-BY-NC licence and your submission automatically implies your agreement to the same.

Please direct all correspondence regarding BMJ GH Blogs to Dr. Soumyadeep Bhaumik, Associate Editor, BMJ Global Health at drsoumyadeepbhaumik [@] gmail [dot] com.  . 

On an average, please expect 3-5 working days from submission to first-decision and 1-2 working days from acceptance to publication. However, if it is an article of particular topical issue please request for fast-tracking. Please write “FAST TRACK” in the subject line when submitting such an entry. Fast-tracking is subject to editorial discretion