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Stephen Ginn: The future of academic publishing

22 Sep, 11 | by BMJ Group

Stephen GinnThe first salvo in the Guardian’s recently published series of articles on academic publishing was delivered by veteran agitator George Monbiot. Journals publish government funded research, written and often edited for free by academics says Monbiot. “But to see it, we must pay again, and through the nose,” he says.

The monopolist practices of academic publishers make Walmart “look like a corner shop” and Rupert Murdoch “look like a socialist” he continues. more…

Tiago Villanueva: The dawn of open access books

17 Jun, 11 | by BMJ Group

Tiago_VillanuevaIt is well known that doctors’ professional roles change throughout their career. A junior doctor is expected to be mainly committed to clinical duties, while the head of department may be mainly dedicated to management duties, with a minor or even no clinical workload. GP trainees usually start off their vocational training program by spending most of their time in a hospital environment and doing emergency medicine, which weans off in the last stages of training, when most of their time is spent in a primary care environment. more…

Liz Wager: Journals that dare not speak their name

22 Mar, 11 | by BMJ

Liz WagerThere’s a new species of journal lurking in the medical publishing jungle, but it doesn’t seem to have a name. As a zoologist turned writer (ie somebody obsessed by taxonomy and words) this bothers me so I hope somebody will christen them soon. To launch this campaign, I’ll begin by describing what the new type of journal isn’t and then try to describe what it is. more…

David Payne: Open access and the editor’s choice

30 Oct, 09 | by BMJ Group

A management consultant friend confessed last week that despite advising many media company clients about their digital strategy, he had little interest in Web 2:0 and social networking, shunned the TV when he got home, and ate dinner with his wife while BBC Radio 3 played in the background. more…

Juliet Walker: Going beyond journals

17 Jul, 09 | by julietwalker

Juliet WalkerScientific publishing is no longer just about printing journals but increasingly includes online publishing, broadcasting, and creating online communities. A talk I attended given by Timo Hannay at University College London on 15 July demonstrated just how much scientific publishing has evolved and in how many ways it will still change. It was entitled “The future of scientific publishing”, but as Timo pointed out, there are many futures in store for scientific publishing. more…

Richard Smith on doing the right thing – but at a snail’s pace

6 Jul, 09 | by julietwalker

Richard SmithOne of the things about being an “old guy” is that you realise how extraordinarily slow we are at doing the right thing. You also see wheels being constantly reinvented.

This morning, for example, I heard on the radio how the Health Select Committee had “discovered” that 10% of people suffer harm on being admitted to hospital. The chairman of the committee was shocked and thought that the NHS wasn’t doing enough. more…

Juliet Walker: Free v. Open Access

15 Aug, 08 | by BMJ

Recent changes to the BMJ’s copyright licence and the information it includes in research articles means that they can be formally listed as open access articles in PubMed Central and other repositories. So should we change the labels of open access research articles on our website from “free” to “open access”? more…

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