Introducing the Top Research Articles of 2022

Choosing the top articles published in BMJ Quality and Safety is a challenge every year, and 2022 was no exception. We saw ­­­­­­­a high number of submissions, with a broad range of topics and study designs. As ever, our editors and editorial board had some difficult choices to make in selecting the top Research Articles of the year. For a more detailed look at our Top Article selection process that accounts for editorial assessment of novelty, generalisability, importance to clinical practice, and other factors such as performance metrics on articles first published in 2022, click here. Future blog posts will share more on our Top 10 selections. We thank all authors for their contributions to the journal and congratulate those who appear on the list (in no particular order) below. As well as those involved in this process, we are also hugely grateful to all of our reviewers who give their time and expertise to peer-reviewing submissions: none of this would be possible without you.

-Bryony Dean Franklin & Eric Thomas

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