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Brandy Schillace, Editor, Medical Humanities-BMJ
Brandy Schillace, Editor in Chief, Medical Humanities-BMJ

I’m Brandy Schillace, Editor in Chief of BMJ’s Medical Humanities Journal, an official journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics. We’ve spent the last four years working toward social justice, accessibility, global outreach, and inclusivity. We’ve welcomed research and writing from the LGBTQ and disability community, and included podcasts with activists and others dedicated to equity and justice. But there have remained hurdles for many researchers across the world. Those in under-funded areas, in vulnerable communities, and in the Global South struggle to be represented in our journals. We at Medical Humanities want to create a path to publication through the utility of Special Issues. Right now, we have our first candidate proposal—Finding Joy in Africa. The issue won’t publish until 2024, but in the two year interim, guest editors will host workshops and a mini-conference, and we will work closely with them to help support contributions through that process. We are seeking Special Issue submissions right now from India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceana.

We are also looking for medical humanities submissions from all the wonderful and varied fields that make up our journal—from history and literature to healthcare, anthropology, and sociology. We are particularly interested in hearing FROM–rather than just “about” marginalized communities. Are you a disabled scholar? We welcome your work. LGBTQIA? We look forward to hearing from you. We seek submissions from Black scholars, Latino scholars, social justice advocates, women in both STEM and humanities, and others who are doing work at the intersection of health and humanity.

Not sure if your work fits our purview? We have a lot of open access pieces. Here is a list of representative pieces. And don’t forget, we also have a blog and a podcast.

We want you to join the conversation!


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