September Issue: MRI Art, Poetry, and Patient Narratives

We are very pleased to provide a summary of Using MRI art, poetry, photography and patient narratives to bridge clinical and human experiences of stroke recovery, written by Gabrielle Brand and Steve Wise, Ashlee Osborne, Collette Isaac, Christopher Etherton-Beer. (See more by watching AFTERSTROKE, MRI artwork).

MRI Artwork – Afterstroke from Steve Wise | 27Creative on Vimeo.



‘Depth of Field’ is a growing body of Health Humanities research that draws on art (photography, MRI and fine art, music, literature and patient narratives) and patient voice to co-produce health professions education. In this article, we explore Stroke Recovery through a series of artefacts (documentary-style photographs, audio-narrated vignettes, creative MRI artwork and poetry) to integrate the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of healthcare. The words and imagery are infused into the MRI image in order to bridge clinical and human experiences that privilege patient voice Emotional and embodied. We encourage you to pause, connect, reflect and bravely contemplate the raw reality of what life is really like following a stroke as you immerse and linger in Susan Varga’s[1] powerful poetry. The Depth of Field: Exploring Stroke Recovery reflective learning resource translates research (lived experience of stroke) to educate new stroke patients (peer-to-peer learning) and health professionals to move beyond “diagnosis” to more humanistic models of care. Engaging with humanities and the arts acknowledges the fragility of human life and reminds us of our core health professionals’ values of empathy, service and respect for patients.

Author Bios

A black and white headshot of Gabrielle Brand, hair swept back, facing the viewer.Gabrielle Brand is an Associate Professor at Monash University, she is a nurse, teacher and qualitative researcher with special interest narrative medicine, health humanities and creative pedagogy in health professions education.




Colot photo from shoulder of Steve Wise. He wears a short-croppsed mustache and bead, close cut hair and black shirt. Facing the viewer.Steve Wise is a medical and creative portrait photographer who feeds his personal love of art, creativity and visual narrative through his fine-art portraiture and thrives on the collaborative approach to reflective learning.




Gabrielle & Steve have collaborated on three Depth of Field research projects, launching Exploring Ageing (2015), Exploring Stroke Recovery (2018) and Exploring Minds, Hearts & Voice that focuses on mental health in 2019.




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