March 2020 Issue

March 2020 Standard Issue

March 2020 Issue, Medical Humanities

How sociophenomenology of the body problematises the ‘problem-oriented approach’ to growth hormone treatment
by Maria Cristina Murano, Jenny Slatman, Kristin Zeiler

Graphic illustration of impairment: science fiction, Transmetropolitan and the social model of disability
by Richard Gibson

Ethics in cross-cultural encounters: a medical concern?
by Arild Kjell Aambø

Health at the writing desk of John Ruskin: a study of handwriting and illness
by Deborah E Thorpe, Jane E Alty, Peter A Kempster

We need to talk about Epizelus: ‘PTSD’ and the ancient world
by Owen Rees

Prosthesis and the engineered imagination: reading augmentation and disability across cultural theory, representation and product design
by Raymond Holt, Stuart Murray

Estranged relations: coercion and care in narratives of supported decision-making in mental healthcare
by Meredith Stone, Renata Kokanovic, Felicity Callard, Alex F Broom

Beyond Messiaen’s birds: the post-verbal world of dementia
by Stuart Wood

Corporate medical cultures: MD Anderson as a case study in American corporate medical values
by John Mulligan, Bilal Rehman

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