June 2019 Special Issue: Psychosomatics

June Special Issue: Biopolitics, psychosomatics, participating bodies
Brandy Schillace

A New Outlook on Psychosomatics?: June’s Special Issue
Brandy Schillace in conversation with Dr. Monica Greco

Psychosomatic Subjects and the Agencies of Addiction
by Darin Weinberg

“Pulling the World In and Pushing it Away”: Participating Bodies and Survival Strategies
by Robbie Duschinsky

Agency, Embodiment and Enactment in Psychosomatic Theory and Practice
by Laurence Kirmayer and Ana Gómez-Carrillo

On Illness and Value: Biopolitics, Psychosomatics, Participating Bodies
by Monica Greco

Vital Spaces: Mental Health and the Biopolitics of Enabling Places
by Steven Brown and Paula Reavey

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an Illness-Focused Approach to Care: Controversy, Morality, and Paradox
by Michael Sharpe and Monica Greco

When Bodies Think: Panpsychism, Pluralism, Biopolitics
by Martin Savransky

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