June 2018 Special Issue: Pain and its Paradoxes

Before Narrative: Episodic Reading and Representations of Chronic Pain
by Sara Wasson

Shifting Understandings of Labour Pain in Canadian Medical History
by Whitney Wood

Adaptive Frameworks of Chronic Pain: Daily Remakings of Pain and Care at a Somali Refugee Women’s Health Centre
by Kari Campeau

Pain as Performance: Re-Virginisation in Turkey
by Hande Güzel


Optimal Relief for Pain at the End of Life: A Caregiver’s Tale
by David B. Morris

Coping with Chronic Pain, Illness and Incarceration
by Drew Leder

“A Kind of Agonie in my Thoughts”: Writing Puritan and Non-Conformist Women’s Pain in 17th-Century England
by Alison Searle

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