September 44.3

September 2018 Volume 44 Issue 3

We are pleased to present the September issue, with its breadth of interest and multiple foci—and also a commentary on our June issue (Pain and its Paradoxes) as yet another way of continuing the conversation. Over the coming month, summaries of these articles will appear here on the blog, along with soundbites from authors explaining why the subject matters to them. We hope you will enjoy these pieces and read them in the journal online and in print.

Keep an eye out for the relaunch of our podcast in December, as we add another means of sharing the conversation—and for our December issue, the first Special Issue where all participants have come from South Africa or Nigeria. We continue to welcome the whole field of medical and health humanities, and to support a mission of global and public outreach. Interdisciplinary conversation, global sharing, and public and community engagement may be considered the foundational platform for Medical Humanities, and we look forward to building on it into the future.

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