Coping with Chronic Pain, Illness and Incarceration

In his article for our June special issue, ‘Pain and its Paradoxes’, Drew Leder looks at the intersections between those suffering chronic pain and those experiencing long-term incarceration in his article, ‘Coping with Chronic Pain, Illness and Incarceration: What Patients and Prisoners Have to Teach Each Other (and All of Us).’ Leder takes a phenomenological approach to argue that pain and incarceration have a number of factors in common, including sensations of feeling trapped, and he argues that consideration of these common factors can lead to a deeper understanding of both the experience of incarceration and the experience of chronic pain. Leder draws on pathographies, as well as his own experiences of teaching philosophy classes to incarcerated populations in order to give a unique perspective on the intersections between these two very different groups who both deal with extreme living conditions.

Read the full article on the Medical Humanities Journal website.

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