MH’s Jane Austen Research Paper Universally Acknowledged

The latest issue of Medical Humanities, published on December 1st, features an original paper in which KG White argues that tuberculosis, and not Addison’s Disease, may have killed Jane Austen, one of the world’s favourite authors. The popular appeal of stories about Austen was evidenced by the rapid take up of this story by the world’s press with newspaper and broadcast media keen to report this latest twist in the tale of an altogether remarkable women.

It isn’t often that medical humanities stories make the news around the globe and so it was with considerable pleasure that I’ve been noting the mounting number of reports and the headlines that accompany them. We’ve everything from ‘Jane Austen killed by cows?’ to ‘Cause of Jane Austen’s death not universally acknowledged’ to ‘New light on Jane Austen’s Final Chapter’. Not necessarily high brow but clearly enthusiastic and presumably responding to public interest in this sort of work.

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If you want to see more of what the world’s journalists and headliner writers make of this offering from Medical Humanities click on the link below.

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