Wow. South Dakota… just Wow (part 2).

I think that this is worthy of its own entry, rather than just an update of the one ↓down there↓; South Dakota has shelved its lunatic proposed law on justifiable homicide.  When even anti-abortion activists were against it, that was probably inevitable.

On the other hand, it’s only been shelved.  Things can come off the shelf.  And not all activists were against it; according to the NYT,

Dave Leach, an Iowa anti-abortion activist, praised the bill, saying it could end abortions in South Dakota by scaring away doctors or by establishing grounds for someone to kill those who stay.

“There may be something I’m overlooking, but from all appearances, this bill would certainly justify an individual taking the life of an abortionist in order to save human lives,” he said.

Quite aside from the fact that Leach apparently cannot tell the difference between decriminalising and justifying a killing (yes, Dave, there is something you’re overlooking…), am I alone in detecting a worrying excitement about the prospect of popping off abortionists?

(via Mother Jones)

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