Alcohol and seziures: A bad mix!!

Alcohol fulled violence and head trauma has potentially devastating medical & social impacts.  The development of new-onset seizures post head trauma is well recognized, although it has been poorly researched.  In the June issue of JNNP, a Finnish group tackle this vexing issue. In a large database study, the authors report on the risk factors for new-onset seizures following head-related violence.  Importantly, new-onset seizures appeared to be common, occurring in 5.7% of the cohort.  Alcohol-related index injury , moderate-severe brain injury and premorbid psychiatric disease all predisposed to new-onset seizures.  Given these findings, social and medical strategies aimed at curbing alcohol related violence/head trauma are clearly warranted and are important.




  • Research paper

Predictors of new-onset seizures: a 10-year follow-up of head trauma subjects with and without traumatic brain injury

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