Intracerebral haemmorhage (ICH): Grave prognosis indeed

Strokes are invariably a clinical biomarker of “unwellness” of the central nervous system leading potentially life long disability and shorter survivial.  While there is good prognostic data peratining to ischeamic strokes, that of ICH remains unknown.  As a neurology trainee it was implied, largely from consensus, that ICH strokes exhibit a better prognosis. In this issue of JNNP, Poon and colleagues performed a meta analysis on the very important topic of prognosis following an ICH.  Importantly, this meta-analysis reports on the grave prognosis of these types of strokes with a 46% 1 year and 29% 5 year survivial.  In addition, risk factors for adverse prognosis following ICH were also reported.  Clearly we, as neruologist, need to develop better management strategies for this devstating type of stroke.



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