Evidence-Based Mental Health seeks volunteer Digital Communications Editor


Good at social media? Supporter of Evidence-Based Mental Health? We need you!

Evidence-Based Mental Health (EBMH) is a BMJ journal that is aimed at aims to engage psychiatrists and psychologists, particularly younger professionals, in the challenge of basing their practice on evidence.

Published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society and BMJ, the journal surveys a wide range of international medical journals, applying strict criteria for the quality and validity of research. Clinicians assess the relevance of the best studies and the key details of these essential articles are presented in a succinct, informative expert commentary on their clinical application. Evidence-Based Mental Health also publishes Editorials, Perspectives, Reviews and Original Content. You can find out more about the journal’s aims, here.

We are looking for a volunteer to work approximately an hour a week as Digital Communications Editor for the journal. You will have experience with sharing content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, with a good understanding of evidence-based practice and mental health care.

Evidence-Based Mental Health has an active Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and blog accounts that aim to engage psychiatrists and psychologists in the latest evidence. The journal broadcasts monthly expert Google Hangouts and tweet chats on the latest research. The Hangouts would also be a project that the Digital Communications Editor supports through advertising, providing technology support for speakers and running the live tweet chat during the hangout. You can find all our previous Hangouts on our YouTube channel, here.

If you think the next Digital Communications Editor could be you, email holly.millward@cochrane.nhs.uk explaining why you are interested in the position and documenting any relevant experience.

The role:

  • Advertise journal content on social media
  • Increase the journal’s social media following
  • Advertise, blog and support the monthly Google Hangouts & tweet chats
  • Communicate regularly with the journal’s Editor and Digital Content Editor
  • Attend yearly journal editorial board meeting


4th March 2016

The EBMH team looks forward to hearing from you!

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