Review: The Menopause Exchange

The Menopause Exchange is an independent organisation founded by Norma Goldman, a pharmacist with a special interest in health promotion, to provide impartial information for patients and health professionals about the menopause. Information is circulated largely through the quarterly newsletters, which are free and through the Menopause Exchange blog. They are also present on Twitter and Facebook. Unlike some other magazines aimed at patients, they are not supported by advertising, and take no funding from sponsors; although there are no conflict of interest decelerations from the writers.

I read the Spring 2014 issue of Menopause Exchange which covers a diverse range of issues from irregular peri and post menopausal bleeding to the NHS screening programs available for women who are going through the menopause. There is also an “ask the experts” section where questions can be posed to those writing for the newsletter which explore fairly diverse subjects such as the length of time HRT can be used, to complementary and alternative therapies.Although Menopause Exchange states that it is for both patients and health professionals, the articles seem to be mainly aimed at the former rather than the latter. This is no bad thing, as patient support and resources are valuable to those experiencing menopause. The articles communicate the concepts they explore well, without jargon.

Whilst the information produced is good quality, the format of the newsletter could be improved. Digital media has leveled the playing field for communicating information, and high quality printers to produce slick and effective print media are available for home use, but Menopause Exchange isn’t taking maximum advantage of this and I felt that the look of the newsletter was dated. Back issues of the newsletter are available by post, paid by cheque (there is an option to pay digitally, but this doesn’t seem like the first choice), which seems absurd in 2014; although perhaps demand has produced this need.

Overall, I’d say that Menopause Exchange has a lot to offer your patients, and mine. If it took full advantage of technological advances, it would find itself a unique and valuable resource.

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