Sexual health improvement framework, comments and other News

A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England’ sets out the government’s ambitions for improving sexual health.

Designed to be used by local organisations when they are looking at how best to provide sexual health services in their area. This includes the need for:

  • a fall in the number of unwanted pregnancies
  •  greater efforts to prevent STIs and HIV
  •  an increase in the number of people in high-risk groups being tested for HIV
  • building an honest and open culture where everyone is able to make informed and responsible choices about relationships and sex
  • making sure that all people have rapid and easy access to appropriate sexual health services
  • offering counselling to all women who request an abortion so they can discuss the options and choices available with a trained counsellor

Responses to ‘Framework for Sexual Health Improvement’.

 The Sex Education Forum, based at leading children’s charity The National Children’s Bureau, welcomed the publication of the government’s strategy for improving sexual health and its focus on preventative measures, such as good quality sex and relationships education (SRE). However, more needs to be done to ensure all schools step up to the mark, in providing the information, support and advice that children want and need.

FPA welcomes the Government’s long-overdue publication of its Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England document, which finally provides guidance to local government to help ensure that the nation’s sexual health improves.

Although we support the Government’s formal endorsement of the need to improve areas of sexual health like sexually transmitted infection (STI) and teenage pregnancy rates, we are acutely aware that there is absolutely no guarantee that local councils will actually act on this guidance.

We know from our Unprotected Nation report, released in January, that if the situation worsens, and local government chooses not to invest in sexual health services, the additional cost to the economy is likely to be over £135 billion over the next few years.


Responding to the publication of A Framework for Sexual Health Improvement in England Simon Blake OBE, Brook’s Chief Executive, said:

“We are pleased that the Framework for Sexual health has been published just in time for the move to local authorities and that there are clear aspirations for the improvement of young people’s sexual health, in particular that all young people have access to confidential services and support.

“We are also pleased to see the ambition that all children and young people should receive good quality Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) at school which we know is vital in preventing abuse and exploitation and promoting positive relationships. However, this ambition will never be realised whilst the Department for Education fails to ensure that every school is required to deliver a comprehensive programme of SRE.

“As we move towards 1st April we look forward to working local authorities to realise these ambitions and improve young people’s lives.”

FAMILY PLANNING 2020 names Director of the global partnership

The Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) Reference Group announced that long time global advocate for family planning and reproductive health Valerie DeFillipo has been named Director of the global partnership. FP2020 builds on the partnerships launched at the London Summit on Family Planning. It will sustain the momentum from London and ensure all partners are working together to achieve and support the goals and commitments announced at the Summit.


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