Editorial announcement: Dr Seye Abimbola


Dr Seye Abimbola has decided to step down from his role as Editor in Chief of BMJ Global Health after nearly 9 years and two terms in post.

Under Dr Abimbola’s leadership, the title, which launched in 2016, has become one of the leading journals in global health, with a strong focus on promoting equity in public health, amplifying voices that are seldom heard, and highlighting the factors that foster and fuel social injustice.

Dr Abimbola’s passion and determination to shine a light on culturally complex issues and his refusal to shy away from politically sensitive areas have won him many plaudits. These include a place in Vox’s The 2023 Future Perfect 50—a list of thinkers, activists, and scholars working on solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges—for his work on fighting global poverty and health threats.

Dr Kamran Abbasi, Editor in Chief of The BMJ, said: “Seye hasn’t only led a journal, he’s a led a whole community. He has shaped thinking in global health and introduced perspectives that are too often overlooked. Seye is a brave editor, and he has worked incredibly hard to make BMJ Global Health a successful journal. At BMJ, we are grateful to Seye for all he has done, and we are sorry that he is stepping down. But he has built a perfect platform for the next editor to lead thinking on global health.”

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