The BMJ Today: The earlier the better for mental health

child_with_coughThe BMJ has this week published not one but two summaries of new NICE guidance:

• The first is on bronchiolitis in children. Our summary will take you through diagnosis, referral, admission and management of the condition.

• The second summary of NICE guidance deals with challenging behaviour and learning disabilities. Again, this will take you through the assessment process, and also details the support that will be required and a range interventions – from parent training and modified environments to antipsychotics.

depressed_teen Many people exhibiting challenging behaviour may also be at risk of depression or other mental health disorders. Research published this week looks at the role of peer victimisation on depression in later life. A collaboration between mental health researchers at a number of leading universities has analysed longitudinal data from the ALSPAC birth cohort and found a nearly threefold increase in the number of people reporting frequent victimisation at age 13 being depressed at age 18, compared to those reporting no victimisation. This highlights the importance of early intervention, as discussed in the linked editorial.

Will Stahl-­Timmins is interactive data visualisation designer, The BMJ.