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Juliet WalkerThe swine flu pandemic has dominated the news in the last few days. In a BMJ editorial, Richard Coker argues that, “as the virus is present in several countries, trying to contain it is probably not feasible any more. Efforts should now focus mainly on mitigation… Poorer countries are most vulnerable because they have underdeveloped health systems, few anti-viral drugs and are likely to be at the end of the queue for a vaccine”. The Independent echoes this and adds that, “the virus could already have spread into countries with less developed surveillance systems and remained undetected”. Medical News Today speculates about, “what might happen if the current swine flu virus becomes endemic in parts of the world where the bird flu virus is more common. Will the two viruses meet and exchange genetic material?” a point also made by Coker. ABS CBN News offers advice on how to prevent the spread of the virus, taken from an article from the BMJ archive.

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