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This new weekly blog tells you about what’s new on bmj.com and links to some of the national and international coverage that the BMJ has received this week, both on websites and in blogs.

The BMJ paper that has received the widest coverage this week shows that happiness is contagious and can spread from person to person. It is the most read article on our website this week, with 12,327 viewers. The paper by James H Fowler and Nicholas A Christakis followed 4739 participants from 1983-2003. By studying social networks, the researchers found that happy people are more likely to be connected to other happy people. They also found that people at the centre of their social network were more likely to be happy than those on the periphery of it.

In our blogs section, Paediatrician Heather Payne warned of a “media orgy of blaming professionals” in the wake of the Baby P case. Her blog has been rated 10 out of 10 by scoring system PostRank (www.postrank.com). This means it received top scores on the system’s five Cs of engagement: creating, critiqueing, chatting, collecting, clicking.

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