Fiona Godlee: What would you ask Lord Darzi?

Fiona Godlee The waiting is nearly over. After months of speculation, expectation, consultation, and criticism, the Darzi report on the future direction of the NHS in England comes out on Monday. Polyclinics will be part of it, but there will be much more besides.

The BMJ will be interviewing Lord Darzi on Tuesday, the day after the report comes out, to hear what he thinks are the most important challenges for the NHS and to get his response to initial reactions to the report. Tell us what issues you would like us to raise by sending a response to this blog.

Over the past few months, the BMJ has invited views from a range of commentators, who have set out their hopes and advice for the Darzi review.

Martin Roland focused on issues around primary care, raising concerns that efforts to push more care into the community may not improve quality and may increase cost  

Jennifer Dixon looked at incentives for improving care, advocating continued use of competition and choice as a means of driving up quality.

Nick Black looked at efforts to improve quality in the NHS, concluding a need to refine, not reject, the reforms

And in the BMJ Lecture two weeks ago, Chris Ham took a broad sweep of this latest round of reforms and set out his views of a more clinician led, integrated healthcare system. which you can listen to as a podcast.

You may be suffering from reform fatigue, but there is no doubting the importance of this review for the future of health care in the England and possibly beyond. You can help us frame some questions for Lord Darzi by responding to this post.

Fiona Godlee, Editor in chief, BMJ