Domhnall MacAuley on “Palliative care beyond cancer” versus “Multiple health problems in elderly patients”

Had an interesting conversation at the weekend – some feel that “Palliative care beyond cancer” and “Multiple health problems in elderly patients” address very similar issues and populations. Not sure that I would agree, but what do you think?
Cancer is very emotive and, with a very strong hospice movement, specialist community cancer nurses etc, we wondered if the downside was that non-cancer patients with a poor outlook may lose. And, the dealing with multiple problems in older people has great resonance with the general practice/primary care community. It is not necessarily about caring for frail elderly patients, nor about terminal care – it is about coping with multiple morbidity in a very specialist focused medical environment. Tell us what you think. Our authors have put their viewpoint. What is yours? Have your say on the blog.