Mark Lewis is hoping for an interview

The results of the Great Application Race are starting to
filter through, slowly. Sadly I am still waiting to hear
any positive responses. Well done to everyone who secured
an interview. I guess that I should be thankful that I
don’t have to worry about that with the clinical exams
coming up in a couple of weeks – one of my colleagues with
whom I am revising secured an interview in Manchester and
will spend most of this week preparing his portfolio
whilst trying to both work and revise. I, too, am back to
the revision table, depserately clutching my copy of
Catherine Parchment Smith’s epic book (I worry that when I
go to the exam I may introduce myself as Dr Parchment
Smith) everywhere I go, inducing sympathetic looks from
senior colleagues who instantly recognise the cover.

Going back into my revision box also means putting my
Nintendo Wii to one side for another few weeks, despite
recent reports in the press that it is effective at
improving strength, endurance and co-ordination! I’m not
as convinced about the benefits having suffered a recent
severe case of Wii-itis from being a little too
competitive at the boxing event!

I digress slightly – this week is an important week for
junior doctors around the country, with many people in
run-through posts having their RITA (or equivalent) coming
up, GP exam results, postgraduate clinical exams and job
interviews. This of course means that’s it an even more
important week for surgical personnel managers and study
leave co-ordinators – so good luck to everyone!