No New Year’s resolutions for Mark Lewis

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good festive season and is not feeling too bloated with over-indulgence!
Nights over Christmas was uneventful for me (I work in surgery), so uneventful in fact that I let my house officer go and help the medics out with some procedures on Christmas Day (well, it is the season of good will and all you know!). I guess that turkey and alcohol is a miraculous cure for non-specific abdominal pain.

January seems like a good time to reflect on how things are moving and maybe instigate a few changes – I personally do not make New Year’s Resolutions, it seems a bit like doing an audit on oneself and one that’s certainly very unlikely to be published. For me, the first part of 2008 will be spent either revising for post graduate exams or applying for a job for August – at least worrying about both of those things will help keep my weight down!

I’ll keep you posted.