Mark Lewis’s first blog

Having been asked to write a blog relevant to junior doctors I must say I was a bit stuck when it came to actually writing anything down—am I supposed to try and be funny or serious? I’m 27, graduated in 2004, and the offical title of my post is “Junior Clinical Fellow in General Surgery at ST2 level”.Clinically relevant or reflective? who can say—so far I intend to write about the things that are currently on my mind (regarding work at least). Probably rather unsurprisingly the thing that is the easiest to talk and write about is recruitment to training … the plans for next year’s applications have been released and it’s once again time to start thinking about job applications. This year we only have 5 days to respond to as many applications as possible, but for jobs everywhere and in any specialty. Except of course for ST3, which appears to have reverted to the pre-MMC state.

So what’s new? For myself I fully expect to be filling in multiple badly spelt and poorly constructed local application forms; as happened for round 2, agonising over the exact way to phrase how much I love my job in 100 words and then waddle down to the post office with my pile of identical envelopes which the teller insists on making me place on the scales one by one. Never mind my first post, and I’m already whinging—I suppose it can only get better from here.